Wipeout HD muestra su lista de Trofeos y Edge of Twilight también los soportará.

Además, Edge of Twilight será compatible con Home.

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  • Hace unas semanas os anunciamos que el nuevo juego de Sony exclusivo de PlayStation 3, Wipeout HD soportaria el Sistema de Trofeos, hoy os traemos la lista de Trofeos del juego.

    La lista no está completa puesto que faltan 7 Trofeos, aunque ya podemos ir pensando en lo que tendremos que hacer hasta poder alcanzar el ansiado Trofeo Platino.

    Lista de Trofeos
    (En Inglés)

    Bronze Trophies

    Uplift - Obtain a medal for every cell in Uplift
    Warped - Obtain a medal for every cell in Warped
    Frenzy - Obtain a medal for every cell in Frenzy
    Vertigo - Obtain a medal for every cell in Vertigo
    Head Rush - Obtain a medal for every cell in Head Rush
    Speed Freak - Obtain a medal for every cell in Speed Freak
    Dropzone - Obtain a medal for every cell in Dropzone
    Meltdown - Obtain a medal for every cell in Meltdown
    Smile Please (Hidden) - Use Photo Mode to take a photo
    Rookie Reward (Hidden) - Win any race with Pilot Assist on.
    1 Gold Medal won, 86 to go... (Hidden) - Obtain your first gold medal
    Happy Accident? (Hidden) - Execute your first successful barrel roll
    Keep Rollin' (Hidden) - Execute 100 successful barrel rolls
    Flatland Flyer - Execute and land a successful barrel roll on Moa Therma
    Own The Zone - Get 20 consecutive perfect zones in a single Zone Mode event
    Double Kill - Eliminate at least two opponents in any race
    Endurance - Finish an online 12 race tournament
    Connected 1 - Finish 10 online races

    Silver Trophies

    Campaign Legend - Obtain a gold medal for every cell in Race Campaign
    Airbraker - Reach Zone 50 (Subsonic) in Zone Mode on any track using only airbrakes and sideshift. Motion sensor controls must be turned off.
    Tournament Ace - Win every race of an 8 stage Racebox tournament on Skilled or Elite difficulty.
    Connected 2 - Win 10 online races.
    Lapped Out - Complete 99 laps in a single Racebox, Speed Lap session.
    AG Assassin - Eliminate 50 online opponents
    WipEout Disciple - Obtain 100,000 loyalty points for any team.

    Gold Trophies

    Zone Zeus - In Zone Mode, reach Zone 75 on any track
    Arcade Perfect - Finish 1st on all 16 tracks in Phantom class Racebox races on Elite difficulty.
    Beat Zico - Equal or beat the lap time of 30.82 seconds on Anulpha Pass (Forward), Speed Lap, Venom using the Piranha.
    Livery Liberation - Unlock every ship skin in the game.

    Platinum Trophies
    Transcendence - Earn all the trophies in the game


    Por otra parte, se ha confirmado que Edge of Twilight también dará soporte al Sistema de Trofeos desde su lanzamiento y aunque aún no esta confirmado, el juego también será compatible con Home.


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