Noticias Por Kurono_Gintoki 31 octubre, 2007

"Uncharted no podría hacerse sin la capacidad del Blu-Ray"

Según palabras del co-presidente de Naghty Dog, la estructuración actual dal juego sería inimaginable en un formato de menor capacidad.

El videojuego “UNCHARTED”, podría no haber salido nunca en el mercado sin las
prestaciones que ofrece el Blu-ray, así lo ha dicho Christophe Balestra, co-presidente de Naughty Dog.

Ha afirmado que han utilizado alrededor del 91% de la capacidad del BRD, y además será necesario recurrir al disco duro.

También se comentó que actualmente Unchartde sólo recurre al 30% del poder del procesador Cell

We understand, Uncharted is using some fairly intense technology that’s proprietary to the PS3. Besides the high-dynamic range lighting and water effects showcased in the PSN behind-the-scenes videos, how are you utilizing the power of the PS3 in your game?

The PlayStation 3 has a lot of power. When we started Uncharted we were really ambitious and had no idea what the PS3 would give us. Once we got the first devkits, we realized quickly that we could do everything we had planned to. The three main points for me are the Cell, Blu-Ray and the hard drive. We’ve been using the Cell for pretty much all our systems: rendering, particles, physics simulation, collision detection, animation, AI, decompression, water simulation, etc … and to give you an idea of the power of the PS3, we’re using only 30 percent of the Cell processor.

In terms of Blu-Ray, we just couldn’t have made Uncharted without it; with Uncharted we have almost filled it (91 percent). We’re also using the hard drive to pre-cache data from the Blu-Ray disc. That allows us to stream up to 12 streams for sound, load level data super fast and more importantly to stream textures constantly to guarantee high-res quality on the screen.