Noticias Por Pulgo 11 noviembre, 2006

Ps3 no consume mas de 190w

Si hace unos días se lanzaba el rumor de que Playstation 3 consumia 380w, hoy se ha confirmado que solo consume 190w (esto en el peor de los casos). Este consumo es un poco mayor que el que hace Xbox360, por lo tanto, esta es una buena noticia para Playstation 3.

Cita original:

The electric power consumption, what topic was called the occasion where on October 30th the detailed information of PLAYSTATION 3 is released with the sight of SCE maximum 380W. This time, using the watt checker, when it measures simply, when starting approximately 150~170W neighborhood we are transitive, at the time of the menu operation with XMB 160~170W have become.

Trying playing back BD video, numerical value of the watt checker does not rise unexpectedly, has been settled in 170~180W. Making use of the interactive function of the popup menu and the like almost there was no change. Because the disk which this time is prepared is MPEG-2 mainly, it tried playing back “the full metal jacket” of VC1 recording, but this excessively there was no change.

Because with the interview of Headquarters Chief SCE Kawanishi “as for those where load is highest it was the game”, when you play each game “of resistance” and “GENJI” simply, there was also a thing which exceeds 190W from the 180W latter half, but there was no thing which reaches in 200W. Although it is the simple measurement which used the watt checker, the usual utilization time if you think the 160W latter half ~180W latter half, it is appealing.

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