White Knight Story podría disponer de Cooperativo Online.

El juego exclusivo de Playstation 3 desarrollado por Level 5 podría tener modo Cooperativo Online.

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  • Además, se sabe que habrá una entrevista a Phill Harrison para Game Informer en este mes de julio.

    That doesn't mean we've de-emphaszied Japan. We have this reasonably successful billion-dollar IP called Gran Turismo that you might be familiar with. That's obviously a major force in the market whenever that title is shipping. Any iteration of the Gran Turismo franchise has become a global event. Our Everybody's Golf series, known as Hot Shots in the States, has been very successful. And a title that is coming out in 2008, called Shirokishi [a.k.a. White Knight Story], which is an amazing RPG [with] very rich and deep online features., I think will be a global hit as well.

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