Se elige a Sixaxis como producto mas novedoso de 2007.

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PS3 controller picks up prestigious gong at CES

The PlayStation 3's Sixaxis controller has been honoured with an award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

The Technology and Engineering Emmy Award comes as the console manufacturer also revealed it has shipped one million units of its PlayStation 3 to North American retailers.

"The overwhelming consumer demand and critical acclaim for PS3 is testament of the platform's strength and the industry's desire for a true next-generation entertainment system," commented Jack Tretton, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America.

"The full potential of this powerful machine has yet to be realised. What you've seen so far is just a taste of what will be on the table for 2007 and years to come," he added.

The Sixaxis controller has added motion sensing technology to re-define the original Dual Shock controller, detecting natural, real-time movements, along with input via pressure sensitive buttons, analogue sticks and triggers.

Sony's PlayStation 3 has also picked up the CES Best of Innovations Award for 2007 , PC World's 20 Most Innovative Products Award, Sound and Vision's Editor's Choice Award and a Digital Innovation Award from the Digital Entertainment Group.

De paso, tambien se ha dado a conocer el producto mas innovador del año que viene.

jajaja que bueno, como pueden decir que sixaxis es mejor que el Wiimando, entonces la Wii es una birria, si su mando es inferior a sixaxis.....,E probado el sixaxis y esta muy bien, muy ligero y los botones R2 Y L2 muy xulos ! xD Pero tengo una Wii, Y el mando es impresionante y para mi Wii no es nada sin Wiimando y Nunchak (o como se escriba xD) asi que esos no han probado la Wii o son Sonyers xD
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