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IGN heeft een interview geplaatst met Level 5; de makers van White Knight Story.
Een game die op de TGS heel wat hoofden deed omdraaien, een een enorme indruk maakte op zowel de gamers alsook de aanwezige journalisten. Het interview lees je hieronder. Het interview stamt uit de Famitsu van deze wee k.

Speaking with Japan's Wee kly Famitsu magazine, Akihiro Hino, president of developer Level 5 and producer of White Knight Story, said that he hopes to make a game with a 50 to 60 hour play time, which he referred to as a typical play time for an RPG. "With White Knight Story, we don't want to release a half-way product," said Hino. "We want to have a big title that surpasses the volume of the RPGs we've made in the past."

So White Knight clearly won't be some rushed first generation RPG project. But Level 5 apparently had pressure to do just that, with Hino revealing that there was some talk of attempting to get the game out around the time of the PS3's launch. In order to meet the launch, Hino says, Level 5 would've had to cut the story short, which is something he didn't want to do.

While Hino didn't share any new details on White Knight with the magazine, he did provide some insight into his personal gaming tastes. When asked what games he's paying attention to on other hardware, he responded with Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, citing the need to match the "extremely beautiful visuals" in those titles.

Por lo que he entendido durara unas 50 o 60 horas, encima tiene un apartado grafico impresionante. Este cae fijo
Tratandose de level 5, tiene que ser una obra maestra, sobre la duración dijeron que iba a ser bastante largo asi que tendremos juego para rato jeje, 50 a 60 horas es bastante juego, y bueno graficos vi el trailer en calidad HD y verdaderamente me quede alucinado, sobre todo cuando se transforma en el caballero blanco para luchar contra el enemigo gigantezco, me recordo a shadow of colosus, otra obra maestra, de hecho creo que dijeron que querian hacerlo con ciertos rasgos de este juego
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