desventajas del ps3!

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que desventajas tendria el ps3 comopara no comprarselo? me refiero como a cosas que no convensen o que son defectos de la consola, ademas de que me encontre esta declaracion: (espero que sepan ingles)
I bought it as gift to my soon.
It's worked just for 45 Minutes. We got an overheat error, and never started again. (Turn it on, a couple of green flashes, a beep and the yellow/red light flashing for ever)
I made my own research on the internet founding a LOT of people with the same problem, (It's called the Signal of Death). They comment this happens very commonly and without previous notification the PS3 doesn't start.
Sony replaced our PS3 but I am worried about this happens again.

este preblema era del que yo hablaba y verdaderamente me preocupa! que opinan?
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