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Feel Ski
PS Eye Mesmerize Distort
PS Eye Tori Emaki
Uncharted: Meet the Dogs/The Characters & Music: English Only - localised versions to follow
Lair: Call of the Beast trailer
MotorStorm Revenge Weekend Trailer
Folkore - Bottom of the Sea pack
MotorStorm Devil Crossing pack:
Track - Devils crossing
4 new tickets containing 10 races
2 new vehicles with 3 liveries each. One unlockable vehicle with 3 liveries upon completion of the mini devils crossing festival (as per Coyote revenge pack)
Tekken 5: DR Online pack and full game
Uncharted Animation Overview
Ratchet and Clank launch trailer and TV ad
PS Eye Mesmerize: Trace
MotorStorm Livery packs 1 &2
PSP Wing Mirror (F1 CE)
Riff: Everyday Shooter trailer
Uncharted - A Living Environment
Blast Factor: Advanced Research
Uncharted DEMO
MotorStorm Rascal & Governor vehicles pack
Dark Mist trailer
Folklore: The Alchemist pack
PAIN trailer
Devils weekend trailer
Toy Home game
flOw Expansion pack
Uncharted Hunting El Dorado
Snakeball game
Resistance: Fall of Man Pack 2
Two maps pack

Destruction Derby
Colony Wars
Motor Toon Grand Prix 2
Syphon Filter 2
Crash Bandicoot 2
Crash Bandicoot 3

High Velocity Bowling
Riff:everyday Shooter
Kula World (PS One)
Uncharted TV ad
Dark Mist game
MotorStorm Domino & Adventure vehicles
Wipeout HD Trailer
Pain Game
Piyotama game - English only game
Warhawk expansion pack 1
Everybody Golf Demo.

FUENTE: threespeech (SONY)
GTA 5 Red Dead Redemption 2 Final Fantasy XV Kingdom Hearts 3 The Last of Us 2 God of War FIFA 17 Final Fantasy VII Remake Horizon: Zero Dawn


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