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Primeras impresiones del Dual "Shock" 3

We recently had an opportunity to try out a near-final version of the PlayStation 3 controller. We were impressed by the subtle changes to the Dual Shock’s winning design.

Ever wonder what it’s like to hold the PlayStation 3 controller in your own hands? Lucky us: we recently had that very opportunity while playing the latest version of the PS3 action-fest Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom.

Our first impressions were good. The entire controller felt surprisingly light; possibly 25% lighter than the current PS2 controller. It’s possible that this lighter feel is related to the lack of force-feedback “rumble” support, but that’s unconfirmed.

The directional pad feels softer, more tactile, than the slightly stiffer pad on the PS2. But it gets better: the new analog sticks responded more smoothly to thumb input, and felt slightly “looser.” We’re guessing that these new analog sticks will make first-person shooters much more playable; they certainly worked well for Untold Legends.

The face buttons felt identical to those on the stock PS2, but the shoulder buttons have received a welcome tune-up. The L2 and R2 triggers are now oversized and “squishy,” making them feel more like analog triggers. We actually preferred these redesigned L2 and R2 triggers to the slightly stiffer Xbox 360 triggers, but that will ultimately be a matter of personal preference.

We’ve heard mixed reports on the small PlayStation insignia that rests between the analog sticks. One source told us that the button worked as a “home” button for menu navigation, ala the Xbox 360. Sony Online Entertainment’s Nicholas Beliaeff, the Director of Development fo r Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom, told us the button was used to sync the wireless controller to the PS3. Either way, we can’t confirm for the time being, as Sony hasn’t clarified.

All in all, it was a surprisingly positive demonstration of a slight overhaul of one of the most popular gaming controllers in video game history. More updates soon!


– Mejoras en el D-pad, en los analogicos, mucho más ligero (sobre un 25%) y en los botones L2 y R2 (al autor le gusta más estos triggers que los de XTS, aunque solo es una opinión personal).

– Y el boton del medio segun parece no tiene nada que ver con el botón home de XTS, sino para sincronizar el mando.

– No han probado la función tilt.

– Opinión final: Sorprendentemente positiva.

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