FFXIII no vendra a casa por Navidad.

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  • FFXIII no saldra en 2007. Se habia rumoreado con que saldria para finales de año/Navidad, pero se confirma que no. Espero que Square no empieze con el tema de FFXII y no nos llegue en 2009, aunque creo que con Region Free no tendran tantas excusas.

    Not meaning to rain on everyone's parade, but perhaps hoping to play Final Fantasy XIII by next Christmas may have been a bit too much to ask for, and Tetsuya Nomura himself says so.

    In a recent interview with Famitsu, Nomura and his Square Enix crew have said flat out that FF XIII won't be coming out by 2007. We're just guessing at this point, but it may be that they still have to finish some other pending projects first before rolling up their sleeves for this new FF installment which everyone has been drooling over.

    Part of their to-do list include Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix for the PS2, It's A Wonderful World and FFXII: Revenant Wings for the DS, FFVII: Crisis Core for the PSP, and the director's cut version of the movie, "Final Fantasy Advent Children."


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