Sony: Nosotros sabemos como bajar el precio

Declaraciones de Peter Dille, de la división americana de Sony.

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  • Peter Dille, perteneciente a la division de consolas americana de Sony (SCEA), ha afirmado recientemente, que el proximo estudios de ventas de NPD en America perteneciente al mes de Julio, determinara si al bajada de precio de la PS3 de 60Gb en territorio Yanqui, ha sido satisfactoria.
    Tambien mando un recado a MS, diciendole que Sony, tiene suficiente experiencia, para saber como y cuando tiene que bajar el precio de sus consolas

    “We’re confident. One of the things that Sony does very well is eek out consistent manufacturing efficiencies in its products,” Dille says. “At the end of the day we are a manufacturer of consumer electronics, unlike our competitor on the Microsoft side. So we know how to do this. We cost-reduce products over time. We miniaturize them.

    “The whole world will be able to see the results when the July [NPD] charts come out."“Look at what the PlayStation 1 became and then look at how we reduced the PlayStation 2. Look at the PSP for that matter. This is something that Sony is very, very good at doing. With the ramp up of manufacturing, one of the things that’s happening is we’re able to cost reduce PlayStation 3 and as Blu-ray becomes more prevalent and appears in multiple devices, the cost of all these components start coming down.

    “There’s not one contributing factor, but if we take a hit, at the same time we’re able to pass some of the savings on to consumers from the manufacturing side. It’s a business decision to say we need to grow the installed base as quickly as possible. That’s really the primary objective when you’re selling a platform. Price is one of the levers that you can pull and we felt that this was a good time in this territory to make a price move for PlayStation 3. I think a couple days into it we’re seeing the results that we’re hoping for.”

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