Epic mostrará una nueva version del Unreal Engine 3 en el GDC

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  • La nueva versión del ya conocido motor gráfico para consolas de nueva generacion y PC tendrá una nueva versión que será mostrada en el GDC, que se desarrolla del 5 al 9 de marzo.

    News: Epic show Engine on GDC to newest Unreal 3

    Tuesday 20 February 2007 - think did you that Gears or war was most beautiful that you would will see this generation? Forget it but! Such as your probable, however, weet the game on the Unreal 3 twists Engine, but developer Epic games sits of course not quiet. The company has announced that during the game Developers conference, of 5 up to 9 March, the newest version of the Unreal 3 Engine getoont will become.

    Unfortunately takes place the presentation in a large cinema room behind closed doors. It is therefore still just as wait if this show will reach also the Internet and with that the general public.


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