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Proxy Configuration on PS3 reduces online-problems?
We have received an email from a Marco Pastorelli (Clan-Leader MetroStars PES Online-Clan) who claims that he and a few of his friends have configured the proxy settings on the PS3 which will improve the horrendous lag to a playable state.


“Here is my german thread, which has been added to the important area
of the pes 2008 online forum by the admin of www.konami-pesleague.de.

It is in German, but summarized in small words, I configured in
addition to the router-ports/router-firewall the proxy server of my
internet provider in the internet-settings of my ps3 console.
Therefore I have improved in a significant way my internet connection
of the ps3.

PES 2008 PS3-Patch:

Before activating proxy 3 hours of download
After activating proxy 3 minutes

3 other friends in Germany resolved with the proxy configuration the
same problem.

Also during the chat and in other online-programs (browser, etc.) of
the PS3-System we remarked strong improvements of the
online-connectivity and the data-flow.
(e.g. Chat before proxy activation at approx. 250 kbps and after proxy
activation up to 900 kbps)

PES 2008 online:

We (3 friends with different internet provider) played online 1vs1
before activating and after activating the proxy.
Result: Strong improvement of the online-connection at PES 2008, wich
reduces the lags at an acceptable minimum, which probably is caused by
the errors of the game.

Probably this solution is not valid for all PS3 User, but it could be
a possibility to improve the current situation of PES 2008.“

I will hold my hand up and say that I am confused (story of my life), but if any of our German friends can make any sense of this, then your input would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


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