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Pues navegando por la red, he leído una publicación que a más de uno le gustará, puesto que parece ser que un nuevo sistema de FF está siendo desarrollado, siendo compatible con el sixaxis y completamente al sistema utilizado por Immation (la empresa que demandó a Sony). Así que quizás quepa la posibilidad de que Sony se decida a utilizar dicho sistema...

SplitFish GameWare Inc., a leader in video game hardware innovation, today announced it has developed a new dynamic force feedback system for use with the Sony Playstation 3 and other next-generation video game systems. Basic PS2 and Xbox versions are being considered.

The new SplitFish dynamic force feedback system was designed to insure compliant operation with the new tilt, motion and directional sensor technologies currently found in the next generation game consoles. The potential interference on the Sony PS3 SIXAXIS Controller caused by rotating mass force feedback systems such as Immersion's Rotating Mass Patent, required us to approach the solution from a completely new direction. While the SplitFish EdgeFX uses a mechanical feedback system, this new technology produces a whole new aspect of force and tactile feedback.

This low power consumption force feedback technology called "Sensor Effects -- SensorFX" uses no moving parts to produce meaningful sensory feedback. A broad range of intensity and sensation compliment the ability to derive feedback sensations from isolated areas on the controller, to isolate one side or the other, movement from front to back or all areas at the same time. As an example, a gamer playing a race game can feel variations in pulse, strength and collision location and to feel intensity differences between a smooth guardrail swipe and a full frontal slam into a wall.

The SensorFX feedback system can be sold as an add-on to existing controllers or as an imbedded feature that is part of a standard controller. The SensorFX PS3 add-on version is simply connected to the USB plug on the PS3 controller, similar to SplitFish's MotionFX.

The patent pending SensorFX has two modes, one for games that have force feedback support already built in and the other mode that relies on motion tilt sensing and button use and other actions to trigger the SensorFX tactile feedback. SplitFish will work with video game publishers and next-generation hardware manufacturers in an effort to establish standards for this directional force feedback technology.

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