Nueva actualizacion de Firmware para PS3 Japonesa

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Pues si me e encontrado con esta noticia hace poco

Thanks to the powers of the internet, you'll now have to keep your PlayStation 3 units connected all the time, just to keep up with the constant enhancements they're piling onto the console. This week is no different, as IGN reports the coming of Firmware 1.5 to Japan.

FW1.5, which will be out on the 24th, will add new payment options for use with the PlayStation Store, among other things. On the payment side, the PS3 will soon allow for "Edy" system payments. This form of e-money requires an IC Reader/Writer though, which limits its use to people who own the hardware that supports Edy currency and know how to connect their readers to the PS3.

The update also includes Korean language support for keyboard inputs and more PS1 and PS2 games on their list of compatible titles. For most of us, the big news will definitely come in the form of an updated compatibility list, so we'll keep checking for the update when it's out. In the meantime, sit tight, and let's see what the US firmware update will be like once someone from Sony America tells us what's up.

Viene a decir mas o menos que mañana dia 24 la negrita va a recibir una actualizacion al firmware 1.5, y que incluye entre otras cosas, un nuevo modo para pagar por la PS Store, soporte para los teclados con lenguaje Koreano y mas compatibilidades de juegos de PS1 y PS2.

PD: Para los que sepais algo mas de ingles... si me equivocao en algo nada... corregirlo a lo mejor ni se acerca a lo que he traducido yo, con la noticia en ingles jajajaj
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