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EA France Poll Shows Gamers Want PS3 Most, Wii Least

A poll conducted by the official EA France website asked visitors what console they are looking most forward to - the PS3 scored 59% percent of the vote, with the 360 at 22% and the Wii 19%. The poll is slightly biased as EA are all about the graphics and of course the PS3 and 360 will produce the best visuals. However, the mainstream appeal that EA has in it's titles adds further weight to the poll.

Looks like people are still interested in the PS3 despite the 'high' price....

News Source: Codenamerevolution

Un 59% de los franceses piensan comprarse la ps3

Un 22% de los franceses piensan comprarse la xbox 360

Un 19% de los franceses piensan comprarse la WII

Esta encuesta a sido realizada en la web official de Electronic Arts Francia.

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