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Sony releases software update for Playstation 3

Japanese maker of video gaming consoles Sony has said that the latest software updates for their recently launched Playstation 3 gaming console would fix glitches that make some older PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games not run properly on the PS3.

A lot of gaming websites have reported that Playstation 3 is failing to properly support older generation of Playstation games.

Kaz Hirai, president and chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment America said in a statement that as many as 8,000 PS2 games are now supported on the Playstation 3 console.

He added that this newly launched update would fix issues with as many as 200 games.

Hirai further said: “We are aiming for perfect compatibility. Our goal is 100 percent compatibility. We are trying to get there as quickly as possible.”

Esta ya solucionado los problemas compatiblidad con todos los juegos que daban algun problema.

Aunque el update todavia no esta disponible en breve estara colgado en el network.

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