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The most exciting day at work... EVER!

Alreet, Nathan here on Friday that turned into one of the best days to work on PSM3. Not only have we secured the most exciting reviews issue since the dawn of PS2 (we can't say much, but we've got at least three of the best games to hit the stores this year and a world exclusive of an absolute gem on PSP) but the good folk from Sony popped into the office with a fully working PS3! Don't believe us? Then check this out...

Que bonita es...

You can even see the reflection of Motorstorm in the shiny exterior. Good, eh? Finally Rich, Andy, Dave the workie and I got to grips with the lush PS3 for the first time. First impressions? The pads lighter than we anticipated and we were pleasantly surprised by the top-notch feel when controlling the vehicles with the pads motion rather than the sticks. We also got to grips with Resistance: Fall of Man too. The jury's still out on this one but it looks amazing; like proper next-gen. But it really drew in a crowd of curious gamers. Including some teary-eyed men from an Xbox magazine...

Espectacion creada por la consola...

And the fun didn't stop there. We've also been rockin' out to a full list of tunes on the cracking Guitar Hero 2. The bass and lead guitar co-op mode works really well and the line-up of tracks will have fans salivating into their laps. Or something like that. We're hoping to have the full-review soon so keep it PSM3 for all the lowdown.

To cap this wonderful day off we're all about to hit the pub and bask in memories of a great Friday and the sun, which has come out to play. Everything's just beautiful. Before I break into song I'll wish you a fantastic weekend and we'll be back on Monday.

Nate out

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