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POR FIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

La fox a comprado los derechos de la serie y va a hacer la pelicula (o al menos eso entendi).

DRAGON BALL Live Action Movie

20th Century Fox has acquired the feature film rights to the hugely successful Japanese anime property "DragonBall" for studio division Fox 2000 to develop into a live-action franchise. Created by Japanese writer Akira Toriyama as a best-selling graphic novel, the property has been translated into a top-rated cartoon series, video games and straight-to-video releases, but the Fox deal marks the first time any company or studio has secured the live-action rights to the property. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. In its various incarnations during the past 15 years, "DragonBall" has followed an epic story between good and evil, centering on the character Goku and a handful of friends who battle for the Earth against the deadly forces of the Saiyans, who are sweeping across the universe, leaving a path of destruction. Goku and friends' best chance for survival rests with the Namekian DragonBalls, which provide them the power to summon a mighty dragon. "DragonBall" is perhaps best known by American audiences as a series on the Cartoon Network. "DragonBall Z" -- a series of 250-300 episodes that follow Goku's life as he grows up, gets married and has two sons -- debuted on the network in August 1998 and is the highest-rated cartoon on the network. For last year, "DragonBall" ranked as the year's top item of interest on the Internet based on Lycos searches, topping Britney Spears, Napster (news - web sites) and Osama bin Laden (news - web sites), and has become the most popular searched term in the history of the Lycos Top 50. Fox was so high on acquiring the material that Fox Filmed Entertainment chairman Jim Gianopulos flew to Japan about a month ago to meet with Toriyama and the property's publisher, Shueisha, to confirm the studio's commitment to the project and hammer out the deal. Also as part of the deal, Fox and Shueisha have agreed to collaborate on other properties in the Shueisha library. "Acquiring 'DragonBall' is a major coup for the studio," Gianopulos said. "It's a really great property because it has all the elements that have made great franchises powerful and endearing. It has a long-standing mythology -- in this case 15 years -- and it's been known by a generation of kids, teens and young adults. There are dozens of characters, fantasy environments and bizarre planets and villains. It's an amazing and creative property, rich in great characters and unique worlds, and we are thrilled to be involved with it." "I have always drawn my manga (comics) with the desire to create something unique to comics, something that can only be expressed in the form of comics," Toriyama said. "I felt that if I didn't do so, the reason for the existence of my comics will become weak. But recent movies have surprised us by entering such territory that used to belong only to comics with wonderful technology and wisdom." Gianopulos said the studio has not yet attached a writer or director to the project. He added that it's too early to say if Fox will take New Line Cinema's "Lord of the Rings" route and shoot several pictures concurrently, but that they do have high aspirations for the franchise. Gianopulos credited his Fox team, including Fox 2000 topper Elizabeth Gabler, Fox Japan marketing head Toshio Furusawa and business affairs senior vp Victoria Rossellini, for helping to put the deal together. Gabler will oversee the project with Fox 2000 director production Jack Leslie.



Pues eso parece que van hacer la pelicula. Ahora os juro que si hacen un petardo de pelicula me los cargo, ya la pueden hacer buena que sino va haber ostias aqui XD
Con lo buena que es la serie y ahora me hacen una peli esta se compra y todo !! XD
Yo la serie la tengo completa y no me canso de verla es la más grande todas y nunca sera debancada del trono

Enga saludos y a esperar la peli

TOMA!!!siempre he esperado esto que gran noticia Gracias!
vamos tiene que ser to la..Aunque la portada o lo que sea eso que as posteado como imfont color="red">ágen sgt.Elias--no tiene nada que ver o si?

UN saludo!

Iniciado por templar

Si, en titulillo de arriba pone algo como: "Necesitan las 7 para conquistar el mundo" (referente a las Bolas de dragon)
Joder lo que faltaba una película de DBZ. La gracia de Goku es que sea un personaje de anime, o si no mirad la lucha final de Matrix Revelations que parece recién salida de DBZ y es penosa. Cómo haces esos pelos, esas ondas, esos trajes, los monstruos extraños, sin tirar de CGs? Pues eso, o es de anime, o para mi va a ser una bazofia.
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