Anunciado oficialmente el desarrollo de SingStar Vol. 2

SCEE ha anunciado que ya están trabajando en una nueva entrega de Singstar para PS3

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  • SCEE ha anunciado recientemente el desarrollo de SingStar Vol. 2, la segunda entrega para Playstation 3 de este popular título de karaoke.

    SingStar Vol. 2 incluirá funcionalidad a distancia, 30 nuevos temas, y un nuevo modo denominado " harmony duet ".

    Entre las nuevas canciones, encontraremos temas de artistas reconocidos como pueden ser Nirvana, Eminem o Kaiser Chiefs . Además de que siempre podremos descargarnos nuevas obras a través de la Singstore.

    Con una PSP y una conexión a Internet inalámbrica, ahora podremos buscar, seleccionar y comenzar la descarga de canciones de la nueva 'SingStore' sobre la marcha.

    En el modo " harmony duet", nuestras habilidades vocales se pondrán a prueba para llevar a cabo diferentes líneas de una canción . Esta es la oportunidad para realizar duetos en armonía y mostrar nuestras habilidades.

    -Nota de prensa:

    Sing 30 new tracks from top artists including The Killers, Eminem and Gorillaz
    Showcase your skills by singing duets in harmony!
    Share your performances with the SingStar community at My SingStar™ Online
    Get access to the ever-expanding SingStore™ to download all your favourites tracks

    SingStar® fans are in for a treat this summer with the launch of SingStar® Vol. 2 on PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™). The new addition to the multi-million selling franchise features 30 new tracks, a brand new harmony duet mode, PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) Remote Play functionalities, increased levels of personalisation and an entry point to My SingStar™ Online – the rapidly growing online SingStar community.

    Whether you’re an entertainer, a diva, a rocker, a crooner or hip hopster - or even a shy star – there will be something for you on the disc’s 30-strong track list. Artists featured include The Killers, Eminem, Kaiser Chiefs, Gorillaz and many many more. All track features the original music video for you to enjoy!

    SingStar Vol. 2 will feature a harmony duet mode: a new way of playing that allows two players to sing different lines to a song at the same time, showing off their harmonising skills. This is really your chance to showcase your talent and adds a new dimension to the SingStar experience! Special tracks have been included to showcase this new mode such as Kool and the Gang: Celebration, the Paul McCartney & the Frog Chorus: We all Stand Together and The Mamas & The Papas: California Dreamin’.

    As if that wasn’t enough, SingStar Vol. 2 also includes Remote Play functionalities with PSP. Using PSP and a wireless Internet connection, players will be able to access various areas of the game such as:

    SingStore: browse, select and download new songs, from SingStore remotely. This is really your chance to get your favourite party tracklist ready before you’re heading back home!
    My SingStar Online: browse and participate in all areas, rate media, leave comments, take part in polls, etc.). You can now continue to be part of the SingStar community on the go: share and show off hilarious and killer performances to your friends and family!

    As with the first instalment of SingStar on PS3, SingStar Vol. 2 gives players instant access to SingStore, the ever-expanding online download store where extra tracks can be purchased, allowing players to add to their collection of songs and create their own SingStar playlists to suit their party mood. There are currently over 300 tracks in SingStore costing 1.49€ / £0.99 per track. Make sure you’re part of My SingStar Online, the next-generation community where players can share their performances with the world after capturing them with a PLAYSTATION®Eye or EyeToy® camera.

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