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Salta un rumor muy jugoso sobre el nuevo PES2009. POSIBLE LICENCIA DE LA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE PARA KONAMI.

segun dice la noticia, se podria jugar una liga master como toda la vida y unirlo con la champions league. Esto sería un gran paso para la adquisision de licencias por parte de Konami. Esperamos, que si este rumor se confirma, no sea la unica licencia que podamos disfrutar.

Konami Grab Champions League License?!?!

This has been circulating around the internet for a few days now, but we chose to stay away from it because it sounded ludicrous. It still does, but the more we think about it the more we think its a step Konami could, and need to take.

Italian website PlayReview reported a few days ago that PES 2009 will have the Champions League license in the game. In the report its states that Sony has something to do with it. The problem is there’s a lot in that post that I’m positive is definite rubbish. For e.g. Kaka being the cover star - We at WENB are 100% sure Messi is the star of the game. PlayReview also mentions the fact that Konami have grasped the FIFA license from EA. A big no no, the FSB guys have confirmed as much.

So why aren’t we so critical about the Champions League story? Don’t get us wrong, we are, it’s just that we think its a move Konami should make. It’s an opportunity for them grab some licenses they cant acquire by other means. For example, EA will never give up the English Premiership License - not a chance. So with the CL they could have the top four teams (in this case Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal & Liverpool) fully licensed INCLUDING the usual other 2 teams they have. It could also tie in with the Master League, finish top four and go straight into an official tournament. The benefits are huge for a game full of authentication issues.

So while this news is a million miles away from being the truth, I hope Konami is aware of how often the license had changed hands in recent years and realise its attainable.

Espero que en el nuevo PES robar el balon sea mucho mas sencillo, porque cuando tienes a un Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo o Adriano.. ganarles en cuerpo es imposible.
Otro fallo garrafal es el de Adriano y sus pepinazos. Imposible que no te clave almenso dos en un partido sea desde donde sea.

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