Hoy actualizacion PAIN?

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que van a actualizar del PAIN? mapas y tal o que? porque ya hacen falta, siempre el mismo cansa un poquito XD
A mi ya se me ha actualizado, no sé si será porque lo compré en la store USA. Sólo hay que entrar en el PAIN conectado a la Store (yo lo he hecho así).

Lo que pasa es que al actualizar he perdido la conexion con la "Comunidad" (me sale un error). Supongo que todavía no han cambiado los servidores o algo, porque con esta actualización se puede manejar a un nuevo personaje y no me aparece la noticia al iniciar el juego (es el personaje del tema de la store europea de esta semana).

Aquí tenéis lo que trae la actualización, sacado de la página oficial del PAIN (no tengo ganas de traducirlo :P):

Hey all,

Coker here from the PAIN team with a quick look at our 1.67 update that’s coming in June. We’ve made some changes and added some goodies for you including new launcher locations and some more trophies, and I think you’ll dig it. Let’s take a look:

We have two new layouts in this patch, each with its own Leaderboards and trophies.

Block Party

This is the first unlockable layout, with the launcher placed on the opposite side of Downtown. It’s up above and to the side of the subway entrance, and the new perspective opens up some new possibilities. Of course, we wouldn’t leave it at just that. You’ll find a few characters standing around here and there on the tops of buildings (good for snatching, dragging, and chucking), and there’s a huge industrial vent in the construction site that can help you keep your momentum going.

I don’t want to tell you exactly how to unlock Block Party, but I WILL tell you that it’s a intriguing story between a launch character and an old lady, and it’s filled with danger, romance, and probably some Ooch. Fear not - the Trophy Room will give you more information than I will.


This layout puts the launcher right in the middle of Downtown, between the massage parlor and the Lucky Pierre café, and it’s facing the construction site. We experimented with making the launcher rotate 360 degrees on this one, but we found that it took a lot of the improvisation and challenge out of the level. Still, there’s plenty to do. Want to get your character back to the subway side of Downtown? No problem. Just launch at one of the exploding tanks in front of you and ride the blast back.

“But Coke, how do I unlock Demolition?”

Well, as you already know, I don’t want to ruin it for you, but I WILL tell you that it’s an epic, dramatic tale of a girl in a bikini, exploding throw crates, and a jerk like yourself in a giant launcher causing PAIN. Once again, the Trophy Room will reveal more than I.


The new Block Party and Demolition layouts wouldn’t be complete without some new trophies, so be ready for some new challenges. Clearly, I hate to be a spoiler, so let me just say that the new trophies run the gamut from balls to bombing monkeys to snatching boxes to swinging on poles. Needless to say, it’s as twisted as you’d expect in PAIN, and they’re quite a lot of fun. There are over a dozen new trophies so have fun getting them all in.

Platinum Club

Are you good at PAIN? Okay, how about GREAT at it? If so, you’ll enjoy the new Platinum Club challenges. Once you’ve earned Platinum Trophies in Spank the Monkey, Fun With Explosives, and Mime Toss, you can take on a new level of difficulty. This is pretty much for the elite among you, so if you’re nice with yours, keep practicing and be ready since each Platinum Club will have its own Leaderboard. If you’re not so good yet, now’s the time to get your skills in order.


If you’ve ever wanted to listen to your own music on the PS3 while listening to PAIN, this is your lucky patch. We’re including a Jukebox that lets you play your favorite MP3s while you’re in game. If you haven’t done so already, get together some of your most PAINful tracks together on your PS3’s hard drive, make a playlist (or several) on the Xross Media Bar, and when you get the patch, you can choose to play your playlists, play a particular album, or a particular artist. It’s a beautiful thing. The Idol Minds team says that they have a lot of fun listening to Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” while playing. Personally, I’m rockin’ Method Man’s “Bring the Pain” pretty much every time I launch. It just feels right.

Note – At this time, we will only be supporting the MP3 format. AAC support will be coming at a later date.


Although I consider myself one of the most diabolical Haters this side of the Mississippi, Nigel, our new character from across the pond, is one bitter, bitter man. Clad in black leather and sporting a giant spiked Mohawk, he head bangs and stomps his way into PAIN with a vengeance, and he doesn’t care if you like it or not. Hardly the perfect English gentleman, Nigel is rude, crude, and ready to mosh into Grannies, cow suits, subway cars, and whatever else you can throw at him….and what you can throw HIM at, I guess. As always, you can expect a pretty killer PS3 Theme to go along with Nigel, too.

Character Select

Since we’re on the subject of new characters, I should mention a change to character selection, too. Currently, if you’re playing HORSE, Bowling, or Fun With Explosives, everyone plays as the same character. With the new update, each player now has the option to choose whoever they want to play.

General Goodies

Some of you have commented about it taking too long to boot PAIN up. Well, you’ll now be able to skip through the starting logo sequence if you so desire. Also, in preparation for what will eventually be an overhauled Replay system, we allow you to turn off the User Interface when you’re playing or when you’re watching replays. It makes everything a lot cleaner, especially for replays. You’ll also notice some new ads around Downtown. We’re going to be previewing some of the content for the upcoming Amusement Park expansion for PAIN, so check it out if you want a peek into PAIN’s future.

I hope that gives you all a feel for what’s coming with this new update. It’s going to be good, and it’s going you keep you in fighting shape for the Amusement Park. And with online Multiplayer, you need to be ready to BRING it! As usual, you don’t have to do anything special to get the patch when we release it. Just fire up the PS3, connect to PSN, and when you start PAIN, the patch will download and install automatically. Oh, and it’s free. Did I mention that? It’s my favorite price.

Time to get back to the launcher. I’ve got Monkeys to spank. Peace, y’all.

Jason Coker

Associate Producer | PAIN

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