MGS 4 un 9,9 en IGN

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Si señor otra notaza de los señores de IGN, la más baja ha sido un 9 de hardgame2 (les gusta ir de originales vamos)
10 Presentation
From the opening videos to the end credits, the attention to detail throughout Guns of the Patriots is astonishing, setting new standards for production values in games.
10 Graphics
The visuals in MGS 4 are as cutting-edge as you can rightfully expect from the latest videogame blockbuster, boasting as much style as technical expertise.
10 Sound
The surround sound effects are stunning, having actual in-game effects, from using birdsong to detect enemies to choosing your own tunes.
10 Gameplay
Guns of the Patriots is the definitive MGS, taking stealth mechanics to new heights and throwing in so much more that you just have to discover it for yourself.
9.5 Lasting Appeal
Aside from the fact that the cut-scenes bear repeated viewing, you’ll want to play through MGS 4 again and again, simply to unlock ever more exotic weapons, items and player rankings.
Incredible OVERALL
(out of 10 / not an average)
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