Free Radical confirma que Haze no llega a 720p

Conversación publicada en el foro Juegos

Pero ¿Y qué? Eso dice Derek Littlewood, el jefe creativo del juego. Para ellos lo más importante es que el juego se moviera fluido y como se ve bien está contento con el resultado.

We prioritise a nice smooth framerate over a different res. Personally, I don’t really buy the whole thing. People did the same with Call of Duty, they did the same with Halo, and they say with those games ‘It’s not running at true HD!’ And it’s like, I don’t care. If the game looks good and it runs smoothly, those are the important things to me.

Yes. Well, as you develop an engine you’re aiming for a certain thing, but as all the pieces slot into place, you end up realising what sort of resolution you can run it at and that’s where we ended up with for Haze.

If you were to move forward with our next games, then as we optimise the engine we might be going, ‘Oh yeah, we’ll step things up and change things.’ But then different games we work on might have different requirements, so things may change there again. It’s all about how you use the resources you’ve got. But I don’t understand why people care whether there’s 20 pixels, 50 pixels, or 100 pixels more…

También comenta que no entiende por qué la gente se preocupa del número de pixels que tiene un juego, por tener 50 o 100 menos. El periodista le dijo que no eran 100, eran 300000 pixels los que habían quitado de la resolución que vendía Ubi

A lo que le contesta:

Well, I always say, judge it [Haze] by the whole experience. Sit down with it and enjoy it. If people come away from that saying ‘Yeah, the resolution was a bit lower than I was expecting’ then I hope people wouldn’t, because it has other things it does really well.

En fin, que unos preferirán la resolución, otros otras cosas. Yo desde luego prefiero el framerate.
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