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Effectively v1.20 of Burnout Paradise, Bogart fixes a number of issues in the game.

The Top 10 problems reported by users have been fixed, these are:

- PS3 game can crash when a player is taken down and the player that has performed the Takedown leaves the game.
- The game indefinitely displays "Connecting to Paradise City Servers" if it's having problems communicating with the rebroadcast server.
- Disconnecting the controller before a race begins can mean that race timings can be manipulated with players who didn't cross the line first being awarded the win.
- Repeatedly joining and leaving a game with 8 players can cause the game to hang.
- Hammering the X button after unlocking a car can cause the game to hang.
- East Crawford and Watt St achievements cannot be achieved if the player goes online and sets road rules before attempting them.
- Audio distortion when using 5.1 / DTS and looking back at the car.
- Total time driven in player stats would stick at 145 hours.
- VoIP connection problems with 8 player games.

PD: La actualizacion de las motos,etc.. es en agosto, esta es solo para arreglar los fallos del juego que he puesto.
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