Actualizacion GT5 15/04/08

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Esto es lo que trae (lo he sacado de la página oficial del GT5 Prologue

Online play
- The award of race credits are now allocated at a fixed rate regardless of the number of race participants.
- The High Speed Ring course diagram has been fixed.
- Some online ID's were appearing in grey in the entry list, this has been amended.
- Some online opponents appeared to "blur", this has been amended.

- Country and area information now appears next to the online ID in the ranking boards.
- Unusually high scores had been recorded in some Drift Trials, this has been rectified.
- When Drift Trial replays were saved, occasionally these appeared in the "Load as Ghost" option of Time Trials.
This has now been rectified.

Performance Points (PP)
- The method of calculating Performance Points has been revised, to balance vehicles in events with PP upper limits.

- LCD display has been added in the F2007 interior view.
- Some interiors and exteriors of some vehicle models have been revised.
- On occasion the Quick Tune gear ratio became impossible to reset in some cars, this has been amended.
- The manual has been updated.
Tarifa fija de créditos indiferentemente del numero de participantes
Ahora aparece el pais e info al lado de la identificacion
Se han revisado los PP (puntos de redimientos de coche), para poder usar vehiculos mas potentes
Pantalla LCD agregada al interior del F2007
Revisado exterior e interior de algunos coches.
Esto es lo que claramente (con mi ingles basico) he entendido aunque todo no esta traducido.
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