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Pues me ha llegado un mensaje de kojima productions por lo de las firmas para que llegara en castellano y me ponia esto:
To: Kojima Productions, KCET, Konami España, Konami Europe, SCEE

All the spanish players of the original Metal Gear Solid can still remember with a lot of nostalgy the great work of dubbing and localization to the spanish language that Konami made with one of the best games ever made. Not only the game was great, but the translation and dubbing to our language was one of the most acurated and polished that we had seen in our country. All the voices in the game were perfect in the role they starred. That's not usual in a minor market like it's our country, and because of that we loved Metal Gear Solid even more. And that repercuted in the game sales, increasing it significantly.

Years later, with the arrival of PS2 and the new adventures of Snake in Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater, all spanish players were waiting for another outstanding work of translation and dubbing, but all our hopes were gone when we realized that the game will came only subtitled in our language.

We all think that a good translation and dubbing of Guns of The Patriots will affect very positively on the game sales in our country, and will contribute to improve the great concept that all of we have about Konami, their products and, specially, the Metal Gear franchise.

We have started this petition because we want the last chapter in the Metal Gear series completely in spanish, like the original MGS.

Thanks to give us your attention.

Spanish Metal Gear Solid player's community.


Fuente:Kojima Productions(supongo)

No dice que no va a llegar traducdido si no que se han mandado junto con las firmas la propuesta para qu el juego llegue doblado
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