La Beta del Metal Gear Online el día 14 o 17 de abril?

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como nos podemos registrar para tener labeta alguein sabe?
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miren esto es lo que dice en ingles

METAL GEAR ONLINE premiere β". Just it becomes the below-mentioned schedule.

× Download target date April 14th

0 download target date April 17th

It corrects here as,
We apologize the customer and to the authorized personnel everyone who applied annoyance.

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METAL GEAR ONLINE opening β test "PREMIERE β" execution decision!
At present in the midst of participant collection!

Promptly, the chance which experiences the world of the metal gear solid up-to-date work!
If they are 17 years old or more which have®PLAYSTATION 3 which is connected to the online, with who participation possibility.
Execution period planning 4/21 (Monday) - 5/6 (Tuesday).

2008 February 29th (Friday) from 10 o'clock in the morning acceptance start.

* As for MGO formal service 2008 June 12th

sera el 21 deabril no 17 eso de 17 es para mayores de esaedad
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