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Nuevo pack PS3 40GB + Grand Theft Auto IV + ¿SixAxis? (399'99€)

Swedish retailer Webhallen has today revealed the first image of a new PlayStation 3 bundle which will be launching in Europe alongside Grand Theft Auto IV. The bundle includes the standard 40GB PlayStation 3 console and a copy of the game.

The price listed is 4499kr, which is the same as the Gran Turismo 5 bundle that launched just over a week ago. While availability in other countries has not been announced, this indicates that the GTA bundle should sell for £299.99 in the United Kingdom and €399.99 elsewhere.

buen curro!!
q pinta q tiene esto.. pfff
vamos a estar meses sin salir a la calle creo yo..

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joe hoy he ido a reservarlo y ya estaba agotada la edicion coleccionista.. m dice que tenía que haber ido a reservarlo hace 3 meses por lo menos... FliIiiiiPa xD

pero bueno es lo q hay! xDD el juego es el mismo asique espero poder disfrutarlo igual

un saludo
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