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Pues eso la famosa pagina IGN.com ya ha echo una review del Army of Two para la 360 y le puntua un 7,9. Aqui os desgloso las calificaciones que le han dado. Es un copi, paste de la informacion que he sacado de IGN si alguien que entienda de ingles puede traducir lo agradeceria mucho. Gracias

8.0 Presentation
From the menus where you buy and pimp your guns to the story that covers conspiracies and political intrigue, the presentation of Ao2 is quite engaging.

8.5 Graphics
Large character models, detailed environments and striking explosions add to the action on the battlefield.

8.5 Sound
Voice acting is excellent, even with the frequent cursing, and sound effects bolster the action.

7.5 Gameplay
As a single player experience, the game is somewhat hampered by AI and unfinished elements. As a co-op experience, the game starts to really stand out on its own.

7.5 Lasting Appeal
The single player experience is pretty shallow, and you won't return to it once you've beaten it. Co-op and multiplayer, on the other hand, will definitely extend the fun factor.

(out of 10 / not an average)

Yo es un juego que espero con muchas ansias espero que no me defraude
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