Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Limited Edition

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saldra el 18 de Marzo.

-Collectible Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Poker Chip Key Chain.
-Exclusive Multiplayer Strategy Video with insider tips and strategies from developers, Frag Dolls and pro gamers to take your multiplayer game to the next level.
-Pro Gamer Interview: Get an exclusive look at the life of a professional gamer with MLG player FinestX.
-Tom Clancy's EndWar Sneak Peek (first release of gameplay): Join the Frag Dolls for a hands-on look at the latest thrilling game in the Tom Clancy arsenal. Delve into the game with the official EndWar trailer.
-MLG Insider Videos: Learn the secrets to creating a perfect tournament map, plus, watch a professional Rainbow battle with player commentary.
-Bonus Features: Go deeper into the game with a developer diary and the official trailer.

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