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Front y back de la OST del juego

Los temas son:

101. Helghan Forever (Main Theme)
102. Birth Of War Retribution (Cutscene)
103. High Drop (Cutscene)
104. Corinth Sands & Stahl Arms Warehouse
105. Verdran Overlook West
106. Korovis Dam
107. A Small Victory (Cutscene)
108. To The Blood Meridian (Cutscene)
109. Landing Zone 33 (Cutscene)
110. Heavy Canal
111. Verudan Alley & Cableway Heights
112. Enter The Atac (Cutscene)
113. Split With Garza
114. Prefect's Office
115. Union Storage Yard
116. Assault On The Square
117. Bridge Collapse (Cutscene)
118. Dushan Tower Courtyard
119. Surprised
120. Corinth Shanties
121. Substation Strongpoint
122. Salamun Bridge
123. Lost Riders (Cutscene)
124. Radec Academy Shootout
125. ATAC Atack
126. Storming The Troops (Cutscene)
127. Welcome To Badlands & Suljeva Maintenance Office Ambush

201. Vojislav Mining Facility (Sniper Alley)
202. Vojislav Mining Facility (Face Off)
203. Suljeva North
204. Waystation 14
205. Suljeva Mine train
206. Lower Refinery Complex (Heavy Fight)
207. Radec Ultimatum (Cutscene)
208. Central Observatory & Tharsis Aerial Lock
209. Farewell To Garza (Cutscene)
210. Payback Time (Cutscene)
211. Landing Bay
212. Power Room
213. Air Traffic Control
214. Templar Last Call
215. Emergency Stairwell
216. Last Flight Of The New Sun (Cutscene)
217. Cargo Impact Site
218. Industrial Ghost Town & Grave of the New Sun
219. The Mushroom Cloud (Cutscene)
220. Outer Defenses
221. Inner Courtyard
222. Autarch's Sanctum Battle
223. The Madness Begins (Cutscene)
224. Credits Theme
225. End Credits
El 11 de junio habrá disponible otro pack de mapas listo para descargar, se llamará algo así como Relámpago y Trueno

Bueno, realmente no sé cómo se traducirá, en inglés se llamará Flash and Thunder Map Pack

La descarga incluirá Cabecera de la Playa y Colinas del Sur del primer killzone, rediseñados para la PS3.

Esta es la nota de prensa:

Second downloadable Killzone®2 Map Pack announced
Fight your way down memory lane with the Flash and Thunder Pack: two original Killzone® maps remade for PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™)
London, 20th May 2009: The next wave of downloadable content for Killzone®2 on PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) has now been announced. Prepare for a literal blast-from-the-past in the form of the Flash and Thunder Pack: a download from PlayStation®Store featuring the Beach Head and Southern Hills maps. They’re two of the best maps from the original Killzone® for PlayStation®2 – now completely remade for PS3, overflowing with brutal combat between the ISA and the merciless Helghast and offering gamers even more ways to play the first-person shooter that everyone’s talking about.
The Beach Head map sees the ISA tasked with defending a coastal stronghold against a Helghast landing force. This rain-lashed and windswept battlefield is limited in size – which means more action, more hand-to-hand combat, plenty of sneaking up on the enemy and melee kills galore. The Southern Hills map sees the ISA attempting to storm a Helghast compound on top of a hill. A mixture of built-up terrain and wide open spaces – perfect for headshot sniper kills – this map is full of hiding places and offers the perfect battlefield for a large-scale game with lots of players.
The Flash and Thunder Pack is the second awesome instalment of downloadable extra content for Killzone 2 on PS3 and will arrive in PlayStation®Store on (11th of June 2009). To find out more, please contact your local PR manager.

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