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Según ésta review, Devil May Cry es mejor en PS3 que en X360, con tiempos de carga menores y un mejor control con el mando de la negrita:

"Speaking of versions. I confess - initially I tried to play it on my 360, as I just kinda fell in love with the controller. Although when I actually started playing, it didn’t feel right. Ever got that weird feeling that something is WRONG? It wasn’t the framerate, it wasn’t the HDTV - it was the controller. Devil May Cry 4 is just ment to be played on the PlayStation 3. It just feels… dunno - more comfortable, more responsive?

Furthermore, it is now clear that the game was initially developed for the PS3 and then ported to the 360. Occasional frame-rate issues are to blame. Loading times are also _a bit_ faster on the PS3"

Lo puntuan con un 9/10....no esta mal!!!
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