Confirmado: FFVII para el año que viene.

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FFVII Remake is coming to PS3 – it’s official
10:01 PM ON THU DEC 27 2007
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Well, at least it means we can all stop rumourmongering. Square Enix has finally confirmed that its classic Playstation Game game FFVII is spawning a new game for PS3.
The game won’t just be a rehash of the original though. It’ll have improved graphics and sound, and home support with added multiplayer, gameplay would be almost identical to the original game. according to producer Yoshinori Kitase, and is due out by Christmas 2010 in japan (well, ‘Winter’, which gives it scope to slip as far as March I guess, climate-change allowing).

The questions now are whether the new PS3 version can live up to the expectations among fans of the original, and whether it’ll appeal beyond that niche to current PS3 owners who never owned a PSone.
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