Lanzado el nuevo parche para NBA Live 08

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EA, ha confirmado hoy por nota de prensa, que al igual que hizo para el online de FIFA 08, han puesto a la disposicion de los poseedores de NBA LIVE 08 un nuevo parche que permitirá partidos de 5 vs 5.

Para quien no lo sepa, este modo de juego 5 vs 5, permitirá en el modo online que 10 jugadores desde 10 consolas distintas,, puedan jugar simultáneamente un partido Online.

El parche también llegara a Xbox 360 pero dentro de un mes.

Nota de prensa:

Electronic Arts has released a free downloadable feature called Online Team Play for NBA LIVE 08 that will enable 10 people on 10 different consoles anywhere in the world to connect online to play a single match. The new feature is automatically available for the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system when connected online. It will be available on the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system later this month.

In NBA LIVE 08, all 10 players on the floor can now be controlled by individual users on 10 different consoles, removing the use of artificial intelligence altogether. Player movement, decision making and game outcome can now be completely dependant on how you play as an online team, bringing you closer to a real life game of basketball than ever before. This new game mode enables any number of players from one to five on different consoles to connect and play online against another team of up to five players on five different consoles. The CPU will take control of any players not controlled by users.

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