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Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
Konami: "We have released the best possible game"
29.11.2006 16:55 Uhr - This week we had a chat with Wolfgang Ebert, PR representative at Konami Europe, about the online gaming problems with PES 2008 and the disconent of many players.

Some Players were dissatisfied with PES 2008 and say that the gameplay has changed. What do you think about that?
It's a matter of taste, just like every game and movie. That's absolutely normal. Some people like it, some don't. We as a company can say: we have released the best possible game at that point of time, with all the limitations which exist during the development of a game. Furthermore you have to consider the quantity of the developing team, the time and so on. And of course we take the opinion of PES fans seriously. The diving feature in PES 2008 for example was postulated by the fans and we implement such ideas as far as they are possible.

PES 2008 has still problems with online gaming. Why is that?
In online gaming there are hundreds of components you have to consider. There are too many complicated factors you have to take into account when get involved in online gaming. And we are working hard to get rid of these problems.

(Lukasz Ciszewski )

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