Demo de Uncharted drake's fortune el 8 de Noviembre en la store de USA!!!

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Uncharted Demo Twelve Days Before Release

Mid-Novemeber isn’t soon enough though is it, that’s far too close to the release of the game. So did some digging and managed to get a healthy quote from Evan Wells, the co-president of Naughty Dog, stating…

“There will be a demo. It’s…. being tested by Sony right now and I think it will be available probably about twelve days before the Blu Ray disc is available in stores. So, it will give people a chance to try it out and hopefully they will go out to the store and buy it.”

O.K., there were the words “probably” and “about”, but we’re too excited to listen to that. As far as we are concerned, an Uncharted demo will be out 12 days before the American release…so in about 2 weeks! We can’t wait to get on down with Nathan Drake (uh, perhaps the wrong choice of words) on November 8th (at least on the US Playstation Store). Exciting stuff aye?

Espero que no sea TIMELINE...
Pues hasta no ver! no creer!

O.K., there were the words “probably” and “about”, but we’re too excited to listen to that

esto quiere decir que esto puede ser probable, pero que no esten muy emocionados o exitados con lo dicho de todas formas nos quedara esperar a ver que se dice ya que esta ultima nos dejo desilusionados a muchos pero bueno para ser gratis todo es bienvenido! cuidence y recemos para que si! cuidense saludirijillos XD
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