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Here is my second uploaded Option File for the PS3

New features highlited green

* Updated Premierleague Kits again(only using the editor, not badges etc)
* All Premierleauge Transfers
* Corrected Player & Club Names (delay on corrected names on national teams)
* Updated Starting XI for every Premierleauge Team again
* Assigned stadiums to each club
* Improved player appearances
* Slightly adjusted/improved player stats (stamina, some corrections in each team such as passing, speed etc)
* 8 Premierleauge Kit Templates, which are:
o Arsenal Home
o Aston Villa Home (optional, replacing (Arsenal Away)
o Manu Home
o Blackburn Home (optional) replacing Manu Away
o Chelsea Home
o Man City Home (optional, replacing Chelsea Away)
o Liverpool Home
o West Ham Home (optional replacing Liverpool Away)
to install:

1) Create Folder "PS3" on yur usb device
2) Create Folder SAVEDATA in"PS3"
3) copy BLES00110EEDIT01 from "mccroix's option file 1.1" into SAVEDATA


I've made a total of 12 kits

You must use Arsenal Home (, Manu Home, Liverpool, Chelsea Home.

The remaining 4:

Arsenal Away OR Aston Villa Home
Manu Away OR Blackburn Home
Chelsea Away OR Man City Home
Liverpool Away OR West Ham Home
--- [ Añadido ] -----
It includes:

Esto es lo que trae esta nueva Option File

Optionfile 0.2 Ps3:
Home & Away Kits for the Arsenal;Chelsea;Liverpool;Manchester United
Updatet Formations EPL+ starting 11
Created some missing Players(stats+looks)
Create Oli Kahn
Updatet EPL Kits Without badge and sponsor
Many missing transfers
correctet Teamnames for the EPL Teams

up to come:
InGame Edited look-a-like Kits for the unlicensed Teams(Nationalteams)
more players
more stats
German Bundesliga+1 Team of the german 2. Bundesliga
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