la demo de quake wars no en ps3

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Sí, la demo del próximo lunes es sólo para compatibles.

Developer Splash Damage has confirmed that a demo for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars will be available to download on Monday.

It will give PC gamers the chance to try out the title's fast-paced online action.

The demo should also provide an idea of what to expect when the full game launches on 28th September now that two beta tests have been conducted to help iron out the kinks.

The PC version of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is being created by Splash Damage under the watchful eye of id Software. It marks the beginning of what both hope to be a new and successful franchise, rather than a spin-off of an old one.

We recently went to see the game and talk to the people behind it at the annual QuakeCon event in Dallas.

Pop over to the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars gamepage to find out more.

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