Square-Enix mostrara gameplay de FF XIII antes de finales de año.

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Gemaga has conducted an interview with compilation developer Tetsuya Nomura. In the interview, he explains some of the information we've seen over the last few weeks and clears up some misconceptions. Here are some of the translated details thanks to Autumn Thread from Neogaf.

This weeks Gemaga has an interview with Nomura, he mentions that before the end of the year we'll see the battle scene in FF13, blu-ray is a bonus and because of that uploading to the blu-ray discs is faster. Also, they have no immediate plans to release information on the voice acting cast.

FF Agito - The current battle interface is temporary. Shown in the latest pictures is 3 people in a party but as production moves along it will become more.

Versus - "The Goddess Etro" which was spoken of in the dialogue between Noctis and Stella is not the goddess shown in the painting drawn by Amano.


En una entrevista a Nomura, él menciono que antes de fin de año veremos escenas de los combates de FF XIII con el Blu-ray del 2º Volumen de "Cloud",aunque no revelaran nada del casting de actores
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