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Hoy miércoles tendremos a partir de las 13:00 horas disponible la nueva actualización del SOCOM. Os dejo la noticia que daban en la página oficial:

"We are happy to announce that the SOCOM: Confrontation 1.20 Update will be released on Wednesday, October 29th, at 1200 GMT/UTC (8am EDT, 5am PDT, 1pm BST, 9pm JST).

The SOCOM: Confrontation 1.20 update addresses the following issues:

Fixed many issues which would cause the game to crash, hang, disconnect and exit to the PS3 XMB.
Fixed an issue which would cause large numbers of players in a high player count game to be simultaneously disconnected.
Fixed an issue which would cause players to be invincible.
Fixed a physics issue which would cause players to occasionally "warp" around on the map.
Fixed an issue where a "corrupt save data" message would be incorrectly displayed after updating the game.
Fixed some player model issues related to team swapping.
Client/server optimization.
Fixed an issue where the scope camera had an incorrect offset from the barrel of the gun while prone or leaning/peeking.
For players who have already downloaded and installed the 1.10 update, the 1.20 update is only ~50MB in size. For new players, the size is the 1.10 update plus the 1.20 update which is ~550MB.

The main purpose of this update is to address major stability and playability issues with the game. The stability of the game has been greatly improved with the 1.20 update. There are still a few low frequency issues which we are continuing to look into and will be addressed in a future update.

We are reading player feedback in the forums and will be making future changes to the game based on that feedback. Please keep the feedback coming.


SOCOM: Confrontation Online Team "


Gracias tio por informar,deberia haber algun hilo oficial sobre este juego que me parece que no hay.

PD:Sabes si es 13´00 hr Española.


Iniciado por Miguelmika Ver Mensaje
Pues creo que no hay ningún Hilo Oficila del SOCOM...

Yo he puesto las 13:00 porque en la noticia pone 12:00 GMT, vamos la del Meridiano de Greenwich que es la de U.K., España es una hora más.

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