RUMOR: Rock Band 2 en europa estas navidades

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Nothing's confirmed, but it seems that one of EA's external PR partners may have let slip a possible release windows for Rock Band 2 in Europe. Originally they claimed, whilst talking to Eurogamer, that the game would be out "this side of Christmas." Eurogamer followed up with EA's internal PR team to check on the information and all they were told was the usual spiel: "MTV, Harmonix and EA have not formally confirmed a UK release date for Rock Band 2."

The same external PR partner sent out another email correcting their earlier "mistake." If it was indeed such a thing. If, on the other hand, this release window is accurate, we'll be very pleased. The almost year-long delay between US and European release for Rock Band 1 went beyond a joke and with Guitar Hero: World Tour releasing next week a lot of Europeans are looking for instant gratification with an, in our opinion, inferior product. If Rock Band 2 really releases this year then it's definitely worth waiting for, for the breadth of DLC alone.

al parecer no esta nada confirmado pero parecer ser que sera por esas fechas y ya no habra el año de diferencia que le saco en USA a europa con la 1ª parte.
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