Listado de cambios Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

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* New move: fake fireball. qcf+short.


* Strong dragon punch is invulnerable on the way up, exactly like Old Ken's, and also always knocks down. It's now a 1-hit move, not 2-hit.
* Fierce dp has bigger arc, always knocks down, juggles against jump-ins, but no additional invulnerability.
* Short helicopter has shorter duration
* Medium helicopter kick goes slightly farther
* Roundhouse helicopter kick goes farther and faster.
* Roundhouse helicopter kick does less dizzy
* Air roundhouse helicopter goes slightly farther
* "Crazy kicks" have simplified joystick motions. New motions: 1) qcf+short, 2) qcf+forward, 3) qcf+roundhouse.
* Damage lowered on first hit of knee bash hold.
* Range of knee bash hold reduced by a small amount.
* Super can now be used as a reversal.


* Roundhouse flash kick now travels forward rather than straight up.
* Super has easier motion: charge db, d, df, f, uf+ kick. (Old motion still works.)
* Super does slightly less damage.
* Uspide down kick is an overhead
* Upside down kick slowed down slightly
* Upside down kick can be performed at any range, not just close range, by holding towards+roundhouse.
* Upside down kick is more vulnerable, allowing Sagat's low tiger shots and other moves to hit it.


* Jump short has higher priority, can hit sweeps.
* Floating fierce move (jump straight up + fierce) can be steered farther left/right.
* Hundred hands easier to execute
* Strong and fierce versions of hundred hands have lower priority and all versions do a little less damage
* Ochio throw now bounces off the other way, preventing Honda from repeating it in the corner
* Ochio throw now deals the same dizzy points as other throws rather than twice as much.
* Jab torpedo can destroy fireballs.
* Jab torpedo travels shorter distance
* Super travels slower before first hit, but travels faster after first hit.
* Super now knocks down and juggles.


* Horizontal ball has safer recovery.
* Horizontal ball with jab and strong have same sound effect and same spinning speed as fierce version.
* Horizontal ball with jab and strong travel slightly shorter distance so whiffed roll into bite is a little more effective.
* Diagonal ball has faster startup and safer recovery.
* Hop move has new command: hold stick left or right then jab+short OR strong+forward OR fierce+rh. (Old motion of kkk still works).
* Hop back builds much less super meter.
* Forward version of hop has slightly more foot-invulnerability at startup.
* Electricity easier to execute (mash punches)
* Super move has faster startup, faster recovery, and always knocks down if it hits.


* Green hand command changed to qcf+p
* Green hand has slightly faster recovery.
* SPD command easier: hcb,f+p OR hcf,b+p. (Original 360 command still works)
* Super command easier, hcb,hcb,f+p OR hcf,hcf+p.
* Running Grab (and double suplex) command is now hcb+k OR hcf+k.
* Running Grab runs faster.
* Kick lariat can now be done with jab+short as well as original KKK command.
* Punch lariat can now be done with strong+forward or fierce+roundhouse as well as original PPP command.
* Kick lariat has invulnerable feet during Zangief's first rotation, but vulnerable feet after that.
* Kick lariat has a different sound effect on startup than punch lariat.
* Punch lariat's initial hitframe now extends down to the floor so it can hit Dhalsim's low fierce or sometimes Guile's low forward. As before, this hitbox is only active for 6 frames out of the entire lariat.
* Hop move can only be done with towards + fierce. No longer possible with back+fierce, back+strong, or towards+strong.
* Hop travels farther forward, slightly higher, and has slightly better recovery.
* Jumping (forward/away) strong has hitbox that reaches slightly farther forward.
* Low fierce has slightly higher hit box, mainly to hit Vega's off-the-wall attacks.

Chun Li

* Removed df+medium kick move.
* df+roundhouse (the "neckbreaker") no longer crosses up, removing the loop of repeated knockdowns.
* Lighting legs easier to execute (mash kicks)
* Lighting legs do less damage and have a little worse priority in Chun Li's stomach area.
* Aerial spinning bird kick can be done with charge down, up+kick, so that you can do it after a headstomp.
* Aerial spinning bird kick travels more straight now, then falls in an arc at the end
* Ground spinning bird kick has a new parabolic arc. It can also air-juggle and deals a fair amount of dizzy.
* Super does slightly less damage.


* Teleport command requires only 2 punch or 2 kick buttons rather than 3.
* Teleport recovery is not longer, but has more vulnerable frames at the end.
* Yoga flame changed to qcb+p so it doesn't overlap fireball command.
* Upward yoga flame changed to qcb+k to match other yoga flame.
* Upward yoga flame now travels way up the screen with roundhouse version.
* Super changed to hcb,hcb+p to match yoga flame command.
* Super has more forgiving timing window.
* Super is now more vulnerable around Dhalsim's head and throwable from behind.
* Super can now be used as a reversal.
* Noogie hold has shorter range.
* Ducking ranged punches no longer cleanly go under Guile's Sonic Booms


* Turn punch and headbutt award less super meter.
* Small and medium headbutts travel slightly farther and are less safe.
* Throw range decreased.
* First hit of throw does less damage.
* Turn Punch can be performed by holding 2 punches or 2 kicks, rather than all 3
* Super does a little less damage


* Defensive backflip command changed to jab+short for small version; strong+forward OR fierce+roundhouse for double flip version (old commands of kkk and ppp still work)
* Offensive backflip can no longer be charged straight back (must be charged down/back).
* Off-the-wall attack no longer knocks down
* Off-the-wall attack has additional recovery, to prevent combos after hitting with it
* New Wall Dive Fake: After going off the wall (charge down, then up+k), you can press kick again to drop without attacking.


* Super has more range, and always knocks down if it hits.
* Fireball recovery is better than New Sagat but worse than Old Sagat
* Some normal moves are from Old Sagat
* Stand strong can be cancelled into special moves, second hit of stand forward and short cannot
* Tiger knee always knocks down and juggles (but NOT into super)
* Tiger knee damage reduced because of new juggle property


* Devil's reverse (charge down, up+punch) has 1 frame of invulnerability at startup
* Stand jab has better priority, can stop honda's torpedo and blanka's roll
* New move: df+roundhouse is a fake slide.
* Jump straight up + strong now juggles the same as jump toward/away + strong


* Hooligan throw motion changed to qcf+p
* Spinning Backfist motion changed to qcb+p
* Spinning Backfist is invulnerable to fireballs during startup (all versions)
* Spinning Backfist's hitbox on 2nd hit is bigger so that it doesn't fail to get 2nd hit if the 1st hit connects
* Cannon drill has better recovery
* Cannon Spike is usually not safe on block anymore.

Fei Long

* Flying Kick motion changed to qcf+k
* Short version of flying kicks have additional frames of partial invulnerability, allowing them to go through fireballs at the start
* Flying kicks have lower priority on first hit, allowing them to be countered air-to-air a little more easily.
* Flying kicks have 5 additional frames of recovery
* Medium and roundhouse flame kicks always knock down and can juggle
* Short flame kick is no longer safe on block from point-blank range.
* Rekka Punches travel a little farther
* Rekka punch motion is a little more forgiving, so it's not as hard to get all 3 in the series.
* Super travels farther
* Fei Long's head is vulnerable during 4th and 5th hits of the super (and can't go through fireballs during that, but still can during first 3 hits).
* The super causes a different angle of knockdown so that comboing after it is difficult/impossible.
* Super meter gains slightly reduced on flame kick and flying kicks.

Dee Jay

* Machine Gun Punch, much easier to get all the hits
* Machine Gun Punch destroys fireballs
* Machine Gun Punch does less dizzy and less damage than before.
* Medium and Roundhouse Dread Kicks, 2nd hit sped up so that it almost always hits if the first hit connects.
* Medium and Roundhouse Dread Kicks have a few frames of foot-invulnerability at startup
* Medium and Roundhouse Dread Kicks have reduced damage because of improved ability to combo


* Hawk dive command changed to jab+short OR strong+forward OR fierce+roundhouse while in air (old command ppp still works)
* Hawk dive's bounce changed so it ends with T.Hawk close to enemy and safe on block or hit.
* Hawk dive does not knock down
* Special throw command easier: hcb,f+p OR hcf,b+p, and you can actually start in down/back or down/forward (Original 360 command also still works.)
* Special throw now has a whiff animation if you miss.
* Super command easier: hcb,hcb,f+p OR hcf,hcf+p.
* Several of T.Hawk's normal moves are from Old T.Hawk, such as stand roundhouse and low roundhouse.
* Fierce dragon punch now always knocks down and juggles
* Fixed a bug where a stray hitbox on low strong could be hit from very far away.


* Super meter added and new super move: Raging Demon. Command is jab, jab, towards, short, fierce.
* Super travels slower and farther than the secret version of Akuma
* Super has additional start up frames.
* Super is not able to grab an opponent out of jump start-up.
* Air fireball has new downward angle and causes Akuma to hang in the air slightly when thrown.
* Air fireball can now be done lower to the ground, allowing instant air fireball using "tiger knee" motion.
* Akuma takes more damage than other characters.
* Akuma can now be dizzied.
* Teleport command requires only 2 punch or 2 kick rather than 3.
* Blue fireballs have more startup and recovery. Now same startup as Ryu's fireball and only slightly shorter recovery than Ryu's.
* Fierce blue fireball only has the huge knockback effect from very close range.
* Red fireballs have more startup.
* Helicopter kick has much less invulnerability.
* Akuma's leg is no longer invulnerable during his ducking kicks.
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