Más códigos para la beta de LittleBigPanet el Lunes 29-9-08 (Página 40)

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UPDATE: Please bear with us as we're experiencing an overwhelming response that is overloading our servers. We're working hard to quickly fix the problem, so thanks to everyone for waiting somewhat patiently! We'll be turning on the contest page within the hour, so keep checking back for your chance to win. Make sure you have registered on GamePro.com, as only registered users can enter the LittleBigPlanet beta giveaway. If you're having registration problems or getting any other errors, please send them to [email protected].

UPDATE 2: Still working on the problem here (we apologize for the delay!), and we hope to have the contest up and running soon. The contest is not first come, first serve, so please refrain from mashing the Refresh button--it won't help you win a beta code.
NOTE: GamePro.com is the ONLY place you can register for entry into the LittleBigPlanet beta. Registering on BlogFaction sites (incuding GamePro Arcade and GameGirl) won't register you as a GamePro.com user (due to technical limitations). If you want to win a beta code, be sure to sign up on GamePro.com only. Any registration errors will be fixed today, and you'll have plenty of time to enter today to win. Thanks again for your patience.

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gracias por ponerlo, pero esos dos mensajes ya los pusimos unos cuantos posts mas atras
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