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Already Supporting Trophies

Buzz! Quiz TV: Trophy List.
PixelJunk Eden: Trophy List.
Super Stardust HD: Trophy List.
Uncharted: Trophy List.
Warhawk: Trophy List.
NovaStrike: Trophy List
Pain: Trophy List.
Will Support Trophies (At Launch)

Aliens: Colonial Marines: Source.
Alpha Protocol: Source.
Bayonetta: Source.
BioShock: Source.
Blitz 2: Source.
Borderlands: Source.
Call of Duty 5: Source.
Crash Commando: Source.
Dead Space: Source.
Endwar: Source.
Eye of Judgement: Source.
Far Cry 2: Source.
HAWX: Source.
Heroes over Europe: Source.
Killzone 2: Source (E3 demonstration).
Legend of Spyro: Source.
LittleBigPlanet: Source.
Mirror’s Edge: Source.
Mortal Kombat vs DC: Source (podcast 2).
MotorStorm 2: Source.
NBA 09: Source.
Project Origin: Source.
Quantum of Solace: Source.
Ragdoll Kung Fu: Source.
Resistance 2: Source.
Rock Band 2: Trophy List.
Saints Row 2: Source.
Shaun White’s Snowboarding: Source.
SOCOM: Source.
Söldner X: Source.
Stormrise: Source.
Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars: Source.
The Godfather II: Source.
The Wheelman: Source.
This is Vegas: Source.
Two Worlds: Source.
WipEout HD: Source.
X-Blades: Source.
Will Support Trophies (Via Patch)

Battlefield: Bad Company: Source.
Bionic Commando: Rearmed: Source.
Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway: Source.
Burnout Paradise: Source.
Fallout 3: Source.
Ferrari Challenge: Soon.
Might Support Trophies

1942: Source.
Elefunk: Source.
fl0w: Source.
Heavenly Sword: Source.
Need for Speed Undercover: Source.
PixelJunk Monsters: Source.
Sonic Unleashed: Source.
Star Wars: TFU: Source.
Street Fighter HD: Source.
Unlikely To Support Trophies

Devil May Cry 4: Source.
Hail To The Chimp: Source.
Jeopardy: Source.
Soul Calibur 4: Source.
Super Puzzle Fighter HD: Source.
Won’t Support Trophies

Alone in the Dark: Source.
Armoured Core: For Answer: Source.
Call of Duty 4: Source.
Civilization Revolution: Source.
Colin McRae DiRT: Email from Codemasters.
Disgaea 3: Source.
FIFA 09: Source.
Mercenaries 2: Source.
Naruto: Source.
Prince of Persia: Source.
Race Driver GRID: Source.
Rainbow Six Vegas 2: Source.
Ratchet and Clank: Source.
Ratchet and Clank Quest For Booty: Source.
Resistance: Source.

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