RFOM2 4 Noviembre

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It’s official: The fight against those six-eyed Chimeran freaks will resume on November 4. But a release date isn’t the only piece of new Resistance 2 info—we’re also revealing the contents of the collector’s edition. This sweet package includes:

A copy of Resistance 2 with special edition cover artwork selected by the fans.
An exclusive Chimeran Hybrid action figure with Bullseye, created by DC Unlimited.
A double-sided hard-cover Resistance 2 art book covering war-torn America from two unique perspectives.
An exclusive in-game HVAP Wraith multiplayer weapon skin.
A bonus DVD, which features an exclusive behind the scenes video, a digital copy of Issue #0 of the Resistance comic book series, a preview of the upcoming Resistance novel, and more!

The collector’s edition ($79.99) will be a limited release, so you’d be wise to pre-order.


And speaking of pre-ordering, that’s just one of the ways to gain entry into the Resistance 2 public beta, which begins in early October. Those who pre-order the game at a GameStop retail store or online at www.gamestop.com will gain premier access to the beta. The same goes for Qore annual subscribers.

If you’d like to apply for the open access period of the public beta, set your Internet browser to http://beta.myresistance.net/apply. Those who purchased Episode 3 of Qore will also be able to participate in the beta’s open access period.

pd:vamos que sale el 4 de noviembre y la beta abierta empieza en octubre
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