nuevo parche civilization revolution 1.20

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la nuevas mejoras son las siguientes:


DLC Functionality
The game now recognizes downloaded DLC packs and provides instructions on how to access the new DLC content when the game begins.

Wonder and Artifact Pack Functionality
New Wonder and Artifact Packs appear in the single player game and have full Civilopedia entries accessible inside the game and on the main game menu when installed. These new Wonders and Artifacts do not appear in multiplayer games.

Scenario/Single Player Map Functionality
When a Single Player Map Pack or a Scenario Pack is downloaded, the new scenarios/maps appear under the "Play Scenario" option. Multiplayer map packs are also visible in the Single Player "Play Scenario" field.

Multiplayer Map Functionality
After the user has downloaded a Multiplayer Map Pack and the user creates a multiplayer game via Player Match or LAN Game, an additional Game Type is available - Scenario. This Game Type allow players to select from among any of the multiplayer maps they current have available to play their game on.

The multiplayer lobbies have also been updated to display what map a game is playing. If a player in the lobby does not have the map that is being played, they will not be able to join that game and an icon and message will appear that states they are unable to join the game.

Gamespy Version Increase
The Gamespy version key has been increased to 1.01 to prevent players without the patch from seeing players with the patch.

Joining Settlers to Cities
Previously, when players moved a settler unit into a city, they could had the option of that unit "Joining" the city, automatically giving it a full population point. Now, to prevent exploits, when players join a settler to a city, that city will only receive a set amount of food, meaning that in the later game, they will not provide a full population point to a city, only help it grow.

Instant Upgrades thanks to Retreating in MP Games
Previously, whenever a player retreated from combat, their opponent's unit automatically received an upgrade. To prevent exploits, this feature has been removed from multiplayer. Now when a player retreats from combat in a multiplayer game, it counts as a victory for the defender, but the defender will not automatically receive an upgrade just because their opponent has retreated. If the retreating unit, for example, is stronger than the defender, or the retreat is the defender's third victory, the defender can still receive an upgrade, but they do not always receive an automatic upgrade. Retreating still provides an automatic upgrade to the defending player in single player.

Disbanding Militia Units
Previously, whenever a player disbanded a militia unit, they received gold for them. To prevent exploits, disbanded militia units now provide zero gold. Now when a player retreats from combat in a multiplayer game, his opponent's unit receives nothing.

Montezuma Seam Fix
A misplaced seam down the middle of the Montezuma model has been corrected. This has been corrected.

Multiplayer Matching Fixes
The game was mistakenly searching for a scenario type when looking for multiplayer games previously. This has been corrected.

Scenario Screen Improvement
The Single Player "Play Scenario" screen now has the ability to display colored text.
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