The Famitsu PS3 Vol. XIII DKΣ3713 EX el 29 de agosto.

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El próximo 29 de agosto la publicación japonesa Famitsu sacará a la venta un volumen especial del DKΣ3713, pero centrándose en PS3. El volumen tendrá 38 páginas de contenido exclusivo del evento, en que destacará Final Fantasy XIII.

Enterbrain (owner of Famitsu) has announced that it will release a special volume called Famitsu PS3 Vol. XIII DKS3713 EX. Report in Japan on August 19. The volume will feature 38 pages of exclusive content from DKS3713. More info from the official website:

"The Famitsu PS3 Vol. XIII DKΣ3713 EX. Report is a special volume featuring a whopping 38 pages of content based Square Enix's closed DKΣ3713 event information, including Final Fantasy XIII and more. It will also have coverage on plenty of PS3 content, with the newest info from Capcom and Sony Computer Entertainment, "Last Remant", "Way of the Samurai 3" and more introduced in detail. "Soul Calibur 4" and "SIREN: New Translation" strategies and guides will of course be included as well. Fully loaded with must-see content, no fan will want to miss this!!"

Habrá que estar al loro XD

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