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creo que estamos volndo muy alto, y recuerden que entre mas arriba estemos mas duele la caida, asi que mejor hay que guardar la calma (y esperar lo mejor pero siendo realistas) y dejar que nos sorprendan.

Creo que no aprendemos, la semana pasada en el E3 tambien estabamos esperanzados todos a que nos deslumbraran y que nos mostraran lo mejor de nuestro ps3 y ahi tienen la muestra, cientos de posts de decepcion.... vaya que viendolo con calma la presentacion de sony fue buena, pero siempre tenemos demasiadas espectativas.

Mi consejo: guardemos la calma y esperemos que nos sorprendan, pero teniendo en cuenta las "sorpresas" previas..... haze les dice algo? ojala no nos decepcionen.

PS3 Exclusive announcement: HARDWARE 2 (concept name)

Every gaming forum is waiting impatiently for the new exclusive game information, today i’m honored to announce the following game: (please note that it is a concept name, and still can be different when it comes out) Hardware 2.

However I do know that some of you will be disapointed because most people thought Hardware online arena was average, well don’t be… Hardware 2 (concept name) will be different, just like the first hardware you’ll be able to fight in Tanks and Jeeps, Bikes and Helicopters are added in the frag competition. You can fully customize every part on your vehicle including color, items, weapons and more. The biggest change however are the environments: You can fight in a Living and breathing world and you can destroy everything, you can even just kill your enemies by letting an appartment building crash into it. The damage will be unbelievable because everything is linked together, when you destroy a building it can crash onto another building and get damaged realisticly.
Decapitation of Limbs or smashing people under buildings or just be a happy guy that runs over people for a living is something thats normal in Hardware 2 (concept name). You can look at it as the next gen Carmageddon meets Twisted metal. Did I mention that you will fight 50 vs 50 yet? You can even go beserk and do a deathmatch against 99 other players. You got the basic stuff like deathmatch, team deatchmatch ,CTF and King of the hill but you got several original game modes, a total of 14 game modes are already created and being tested. You will also have the ability to play mini games online like do the most damage or kill the most pedestrians.

A cool feature about Hardware 2 (concept name) is something similar like the Snapshot in Burnout. Everytime that you kill an enemy you’ll see a box with a camera inside the vehicle and you see how the character dies and believe me when y say some deaths are very painful to look at. The online part will be very important and they are going to make sure that Clan support is included. You can have a clan emblem, create your own tournaments, and build up your reputation. The reputation is something special, some games encourage that you destroy buildings and kill innocent people, well Hardware 2 is different, you should avoid it… You will need to take the decision if your shot will be accurate enough or else you will kill 50 people, that’s what military is all about. The more ‘clean’ you play, the better your reputation will become.

Much more details and exclusive images are coming on 3 August , so please check back then.

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Yo voto por el nuevo projecto de team ico o por heavin rain o como se llame, os acordais del video de la tia llorando, ese tiene que ser la repera.

p.d. una pregunta, el iam alive es para ps3 y 360, pero el mag es solo para ps3 verdad?
de todos modos me llama mas la atencion el y am alive que el mag
Dejaos que si de square epic es un proyecto interno de sony Heavy Rain no creo que sea porque si ya ha sido mostrado al público es lógico que sony europa lo sepa el shadow y el ico son en tercera persona sí pero no son para mayores de 18 años si no me equivoco el syphon filter no creo que sorprenda más que killzone.MAG e Infamous yo creo que estamos ante un nuevo proyecto de sony america

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