Primeras imagenes e informacion de Juiced 2

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- Release September, on PC, PS2, PS3, X360, PSP
- Developers listened to the complains about the first one being too advanced, so they've "mainstreamed" this one.
- "Looks great, better lighting than in PGR3"
- Has the official Hot Import Nights license
- Choosing competitions works like in PGR3, you have a bunch of options and can play whatever race you want, until you go to the next level
- Dragracing removed, Showdown mode removed. Drift races added.
- 93 licensed cars, 10 000 licensed components to add to your car, from BuddyClub, Wings, Greddy, Rays Wheels, Stilen and Mugen plus more.
- Has Driver DNA, similar to Forza's Drivatar. Remembers how you drive and makes a bot out of it.
- No more fictional city, this time real cities (but not as detailed as PGR3, they say). Rome, London, Paris, San Francisco, Sydney plus another 6. Each track (do they mean city?) has three different routes.
- Awesome physics.

A mí no me apasiona este juego,pero si es verdad que es bastante bueno,por lo menos eso parece xD.


Iniciado por templar
Joe templar, pues si que estamos exigentes hoy (De buen rollo te lo digo)

Pero este juiced, en modelado de coches e iluminación le da un monton de patadas a Need for speed carbono.

En las imágenes no se puede apreciar mucho, pero me parece de lo mejorcito en juegos de coche que he visto... vamos... La primera imagen ha hecho que se me caigan los cojones al suelo

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